A Web of Concepts, Part 1

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

When you do a search on the web, what are you hoping to find? Are you looking for anything that matches the letters you typed in the search box?

You are searching for a pie. Are you hoping to find a sweet dessert? Are you hoping to find a savory Italian pizza? Are you hoping to find events taking place on March 14?


You are hoping to find things that match your “concept” of that thing. If anything shows up that does not meet that concept, you will consider it useless.

The idea of the web, even at the onset, was to connect you to things that meet your concept of what that thing should be. This principle has not changed.

How many times have you conducted a search and found everything but the thing you wanted? This is because the current web is a “web of things” and a “web of data”.

The current web has no meaning; no artificial conscience.