A Web of Concepts, Part 2

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

You click on a link labeled Facebook.

Subconsciously, you say to yourself, “I hope to retrieve a social networking service that goes by the name Facebook that is actually the service visited by billions daily.”


Because you know there are a lot of “things” containing “data” on the current web that will use the name Facebook, or some variation of that name. You are not interested in these things.

As with life, every action on the web must meet your concept of what that action should reveal.

When you plan to move to a new neighborhood, are you just looking for a house? No. You are hoping to find something with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, in a safe environment, and close to a school and mall. Once your concepts are met, then you will investigate the thing (in this case, the house).

This practice is carried over to the web in exactly the same way. The current web does not meet this requirement.

It’s time to visualize the web to meet this requirement.