Time to Define the Semantic Web, Part 2

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

We climb to the top of a mountain, not the bottom. We strive to achieve higher goals, not lower ones.

In almost every part of man’s journey in this existence, a higher enlightenment is desired, or at least identified to be attained.

The World Wide Web is no different. The problem has not been the web itself, but our understanding of what the end result should be: the top of the mountain.

Usually, before a structure is built, a final picture is displayed and plans and specifications are drawn up to direct efforts to create that final picture.

Question: Why wasn’t the final picture resolved for the web at the beginning? Answer: limited knowledge, equipment, and understanding of what the web could be.

In the beginning, the web was simply purposed for exchanging documents. The thought of every home or every human having access to the web was not conceivably possible.

Until now.