Time to Define the Semantic Web, Part 3

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

My definition of the semantic web (SW) is based on the end result of efforts to build a web.

No need for intermediate steps leading to a definition. This only confuses everyone by not providing a clear final picture.

The definition must be general enough to allow for construction of efforts leading to the final picture. At the same time, the definition must be specific enough to provide a clear picture for all involved.

In other words, can everyone either see or trust that the top of the mountain is truly there?

My definition is a metaphysical approach to defining the web. Tying the definition to concrete ideas can become unwieldy due to personal interpretations of things.

As a matter of fact, the definition must be “ideal” in order to set the standard for all derivative work.

Again, the semantic web is a “web of concepts.”