A Web of Concepts, Part 3

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

Two of the questions the web must answer are the following:

  • Does this thing meet the concept of the thing I want?
  • Do the characters in the data used to express this thing meet the concept of the characters understood by me in my language?

As a web of concepts, things and data are subsidiary components. These components follow concepts in order to add value for the user of the web. Therefore, for the semantic web to work properly, it must have concise meaning.

Everything on the web must have meaning. Humans want things in the exact manner as requested. Computers and software need instructions that are concise and complete.

Understanding the semantic web as a web of concepts is the first step. This forms the final picture of what the web ought to be. Efforts to build the web must derive from and lead toward this picture.

The second step is to prepare to build the semantic web.