Preparing to Build the Semantic Web, Part 1

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

Building any project, including the web, can take lessons from cooks and architects.

In each field, the leader of the project will explain the desired result of the project. This is the final picture. The leader will ask questions to make sure all involved understand this goal.

For the cook, the first stage is to prepare the ingredients and tools to put together a meal. The cook will either cut up the meat or assign another cook to cut up the meat.

The cook will take an inventory of the secondary ingredients to make sure all will be available when execution of the meal begins.

For the architect, the leader will specify the raw material needed for the project. The includes the type and quality of wood, nails, and the proper mix of cement.

The area of land that the architect will build the project is tested and cleared.

All these things take place before the actual cooking or building begins.