Preparing to Build the Semantic Web, Part 3

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

Little Timmy wants to build a website to showcase his collection of action figures. Will he become part of building the web?

Tammy wants to create a website in hopes of putting an end to school bullying. Will she become part of building the web?

My Uncle Joe raises dogs. He wants to start an online business to make money. Will he become part of building the web?

Since the web is a collection of interconnected machines and documents, the answer to all the above questions must be “Yes”.

The mission statement of the current web does not consider this demographic of web developers. These developers are what built the web into what it is today.

The current mission statement and all specifications derived from it consider only a small group of theorists. Where is the input from the developers on the ground?

In order to begin building the web, the new web, all parties involved must be considered and they must all be able to understand the goal of the project.