The Platform of the Semantic Web, Part 1

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

Twitter is said to be a micro-blogging platform. What is the foundation of the service?

HTML5 is said to be a platform for web applications. What is the foundation of HTML5?

There must be a starting foundation (platform, if you will) for all things on the web. This platform must serve as ideal in order for the full implementation of the semantic web to work.

Before the architect and contractors begin building a house, the foundation must be set. You may think the pouring of cement is the foundation, but it is not. The foundation is the actual earth the cement will be poured onto.

The contractor will test the section of earth to see if it can support the weight of the house, as well as other things of importance.

So, although Twitter and HTML5 are platforms for the services they provide, the underlying platform must be able to support the full weight of those services as well as anything else to be built on the web.