The Platform of the Semantic Web, Part 2

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

When speaking of the web, I am referring to the info space; the digital structure of the web. I am not talking about the Internet; the actual physical machines (routers, fiber, etc.) supporting the web.

The platform of the semantic web must be able to support all concepts, data, and things to be built on top of it. In order to be strong, this platform must be declarative and not ambivalent.

There is one truth about the web as it stands today:

The web is built from a collection of characters.

These characters can be alphabetic and numeric. These characters can even represent phrases (depending on the language).

Software feed on zeros and ones, which are characters. Markup feeds on all characters (markup is greedy that way and for good reason).

The platform must be able to handle all the characters to be used by all cultural languages. This is the ideal situation for the semantic web.