The Platform of the Semantic Web, Part 3

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

At present, the Unicode Consortium is leading the charge in define all characters used in the world. This is a very ambitious effort, though with positive and welcomed results.

What is important is not who defines the characters, but that the characters are being defined to the standard required by the semantic web. The Unicode Standard meets this requirement, in process.

The Unicode Consortium has accomplished so much in this area that it is unthinkable to see another standards body taking on this task as an improvement over the current Unicode Standard.

Any additional effort to define all characters would be better served by supporting the Unicode Consortium and refining what has already been built.

I will modify the mission statement for the web.

The web must exist as a web of concepts. All things on this web must have meaning to insure past, present, and future integrity of data. All characters used on the web must be defined and distinct to insure international adoption of the web. The Unicode Standard by the Unicode Consortium will serve as the basis for all characters used on the web.