A Social Network, Part 1

by The H.E.A.T. Exchange

Social networking is not a new concept.

The core element of any social situation has always been the people involved.

Key aspects of a social network must include:

  • people
  • community
  • interaction


People have differing beliefs, values, and agendas. These characteristics may change over time. There is really no sure way to know how one will be influenced by others. How a person is affected by other external forces is a key consideration for a social network.


Community is a group of people.  Usually this group share a common goal or desire that accommodates the whole rather than merely the individual. A “safe” community is one where all members feel safe instead of just one person.


In order for a network to survive, one person must be able to connect with another for the purpose of exchanging information. The information can be verbal (talking) or non-verbal (messaging, art,  sign language, etc.).

A social network must be about different people who share a common goal as a community and interacting in a way that is safe and productive for all involved.